Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This year's haskell.org GSoC projects

Here's the final list of accepted students and projects:

  • Alejandro Serrano : Improve EclipseFP
  • Alexander Göransson: Simplified OpenGL bindings
  • anklesaria: Interpreter Support for the Cabal-Install Build Tool
  • Jasper Van der Jeugt: Convert the text package to use UTF–8 internally
  • Mikhail Glushenkov: Build multiple Cabal packages in parallel
  • Owen Stephens: Darcs Bridge
  • Petr Ročkai: Darcs: primitive patches version 3

There's some more information at the GSoC website.

This is the second year Edward Kmett and I act as GSoC administrators for haskell.org. It's been a lot of fun and also quite a bit of work. If you ever end up participating in GSoC as an administrator here are some of the things you might want/need to do:

  • Promote the organization (to get more proposals) and specific projects (to get proposals for things that matter to the community).
  • Make sure all the good students don't apply for the same project by encouraging them to apply for several different projects.
  • Make the mentors agree on a final list of projects.
  • Make sure every project has a mentor.
  • Resolve conflicts when the same student gets accepted by two different organizations.

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