Monday, March 22, 2010

ZuriHac summary

Last weekend, March 19th-21st, we hosted the biggest Haskell hackathon so far at the Google office in Zurich, Switzerland. Here are some of the highlights:
  • A large group of people worked on a new high-performance HTML combinator library for generating well-formed HTML. You can find some initial code and ideas in their github repo.
  • Lennart Kolmodin made it possible to feed input to the binary library using continuations, just like attoparsec does, without losing any performance compared to the old lazy ByteString API. This means that you can parse large inputs without resorting to lazy I/O.
  • A large Darcs contigent occupied a large chunk of the room. You can find more information Eric Kowey's blog post or the Darcs wiki.
  • Don Stewart and Duncan Coutts worked on a new Haskell Platform release. In addition fixing bugs, they worked on the new landing page for platform's website. The initial design for the landing page was done by the guys at Tupil.
  • On Sunday afternoon there were a number of demos and lighting talks. For example, David Anderson demoed tunskell, a VPN daemon which meshes many networks together and provides robust, fast and secure connectivity between them.
For a complete list of projects, have a look at the ZuriHac wiki. Here's a picture of the ZuriHac participants outside the Google office in Zurich: And here's one from inside the Google office: