Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Haskell in the Real World discussion at CUFP

Bryan O'Sullivan and I are organizing an informal discussion about Haskell in the Real World at this year's CUFP. The discussion will take place in the evening on Thursday 30 September.

Topic: where we as a community should be focusing our efforts over the coming year to continue to improve Haskell as a practical language for day-to-day hacking.

Subjects we expect to cover would include at least the following:

  • post-mortem crash analysis and debugging
  • improvements to the Cabal build system (e.g. parallel builds)
  • performance and documentation improvements for core libraries
  • plugging missing functionality holes in the family of packages on hackage

1 comment:

  1. > post-mortem crash analysis and debugging

    Well, hades has very recently got to the point where it is able to find real bugs. More love for debugging GHC-compiled Haskell programs certainly wouldn't go amiss!