Monday, July 12, 2010

High-performance Haskell tutorial at CUFP

I will be giving a tutorial on high-performance Haskell at CUFP 2010. Here’s the abstract:

Haskell makes it possible to write elegant, high-level code that rivals the performance of low-level, imperative languages. In this tutorial, I will introduce the tools Haskell provides for reasoning about the performance of your code and techniques that you can use to make your code faster. I will cover important topics in Haskell performance optimization, including:

  • accurate benchmarking,
  • CPU and memory profiling,
  • laziness and strictness,
  • making sense of compiler output,
  • performance idioms, and
  • data types and their impact on performance.

By the end of the tutorial you should have an understanding of how to accurately measure the performance of your Haskell program, determine which parts of the program needs improvement, and finally, improve the performance of the program.

Here’s the CUFP tutorial schedule.

The slides from the tutorial are now available.


  1. Awesome! I won't be there, but hopefully videos will be available.

    - jeremy

    p.s. And, I look forward to hyena someday as well! ;)

  2. I'm hoping on a video as well, looks really interesting!

  3. I am hoping there will be video recorded like last year. Look interesting!

  4. Can't wait to check it out.

  5. Excellent tutorial - starts from scratch but still covers a lot of ground. Tack Johan!